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Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Cash is an immensely deep topic. However, like anything, there are some questions which almost everyone wonders about at one time or another. This is a collection of answers that are short enough to digest quickly, but long enough to encapsulate a complete idea.

Note: Although the FAQs stand alone, the Start Guide and the Youtube documentary "Who Killed Bitcoin?" are heavily recommended as foundational knowledge and background.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)#

Why Bitcoin Cash instead of another cryptocurrency?

Nothing is perfect, why NOT Bitcoin Cash?

Should (or will) Bitcoin Cash rebrand?

Is Bitcoin Cash spreading?

How does Bitcoin Cash governance / updates work?

What about privacy on Bitcoin Cash?

SmartBCH (sBCH)#

What is SmartBCH?

Is SmartBCH burning BCH coins a problem?

What is a decentralised exchange?

Where can I learn more about smartBCH?

The Bitcoin Cash Podcast#

Refer to the About page

What are the references in the Podcast intro?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) vs Bitcoin (BTC)#

Is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) the real Bitcoin?

What about the Lightning Network?

If BCH improved on BTC by raising the 1MB block size limit, what if BTC does the same?

Is there a use for Bitcoin (BTC) for savings like a savings account, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for daily spending like a checking account?

Is low hash rate a problem?


Why are cryptocurrency communities so tribal?

In future, can I pay in any cryptocurrency I like?

What about Ethereum (ETH)?

What about Litecoin (LTC)?

What about Dogecoin (DOGE)?

What about Cardano (ADA)?

What about Monero (XMR)?

What about Nano (XNO)?


How are goods and services priced in Bitcoin Cash? Isn't the volatilty a problem?

If the value of Bitcoin Cash is expected to go up, why would anyone ever spend it?

Where can I spend Bitcoin Cash?


Where and how can I get Bitcoin Cash?

How can I afford a whole Bitcoin Cash?

What can I do with $1 BCH?


What about the environment? Doesn't Bitcoin mining waste energy?

What if governments ban/regulate crypto?

What if governments make their own crypto?


What happened with /r/btc?

What's with the name "Bcash"?

Is Bitcoin Cash dead?