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Hasn't BTC already won? Hasn't "the market spoken"?

Market choice

Nor would Bitcoin have split into multiple chains, or hold a gradually declining ~40% cryptocurrecy market share. Source

At an initial glance, many observers conclude Bitcoin BTC has already won and Bitcoin Cash BCH cannot catch up to the brand recognition, liquidity, community size or other metrics. Or even if it was starting to catch up, that Bitcoin BTC would simply raise the block size.

A strong brand or economic size advantage is never insurmountable, nor perpetual. BetaMax, MySpace, Kodak and many other companies are known specifically for being brands with a huge market lead that were passed by competitors for a variety of reasons. So too have many currencies, for example the Roman Denarius is a long dead currency, and the Italian Lira is a more recent example.

The true "winner(s) of cryptocurrency" will only be clear once every single person on the planet makes every single purchase using on-chain cryptocurrency, and fiat currency has been totally eliminated from the entire world. By that metric, the war is just barely beginning. People needing to ask "Isn't it over?" is in itself sufficient evidence that clearly it is not. If BTC had already won, billions of people would be trading it for goods and services every day and the result would be self-evident. This dynamic explains why cryptocurrencies are so tribal.

BTC fans may try to dismiss BCH with the phrase "the market has spoken". The market never stops speaking, otherwise it would be possible to provide the timestamp when it stopped and the final price ratio between BTC and BCH at that time. The haters' need to constantly make these claims is indicative they remain hyper aware of BCH and worried about its challenger status for the Bitcoin title. This animosity creates Streisand Effect and raises curiosity in outsiders who can see through insecure attempts to margainalise it as "bcash" plus the contradiction between perpetually recurring claims that BCH is dead and its continued existence.

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