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What about Jonathan Biers "The Blocksize War"?

They say history is written by the victors.

One of the most popular & frequently referenced retellings of The Blocksize War is "The Blocksize War" by Jonathan Bier. This book is often referenced in discussions among Bitcoin (BCH or BTC) maximalists & debates over the real Bitcoin.

The book does a reasonable job of explaining the sequence and major steps of the conflict. To its credit, the author was very uniquely passionate & engaged to attend so many of the seminal physical meetups. Both the small & big blocker sides' arguments are acknowledged & presented on each issue or event, although perhaps the nuances (on both sides) are not addressed in detail.

That said, any pretence it is a "balanced" take is abandoned by the end of the story, as seen in the final chapter (titled "Victory"). Furthermore, the cracks in the "small blocker" narratives visibly poke through on close inspection.

For example:


Hindsight is 20/20‚Äč

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