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The BCH community is large and decentralised (no one is in charge), and the community have produced a ton of educational resources about money, cryptocurrency, history and Bitcoin Cash.

For community projects, check out the roadmap.

All of the following creators and resources are highly recommended:




Discussion & Community

Developers looking for engineering discussion and resources, refer to BCH Developer community.


Telegram Groups


Twitch streamers



Block Explorers

Blockchain Visualizers

Node Visualizers

Payment Processing


BCH Resource Directories

BCH Hangouts

Every two weeks on Twitter, Fiendish Crypto runs a community Bitcoin Cash chat / hangout session.

Listen to recent or archived episodes.

Why Bitcoin Cash

Why Bitcoin Cash

BCH vs BTC informational website by Kim Dotcom.

Monetary Fundamentals

Jeffrey Tucker talks about cryptocurrency and sound money.

They Lie

Hayden Otto discovers some special sunglasses. Good watch for fans of 80s cult movies.

Corporate interference in Bitcoin

Rick Falkvinge discusses Blocksteam's influence in Bitcoin (BTC), which explains why Bitcoin Cash (BCH) split off to route around this issue.

Money as debt

There is no escape in a fiat currency system. Why everyone and every country is constantly drowning in debt, the money IS the debt.

Bitcoin Obituaries

Bitcoin Obituaries

Declared dead 350+ times for over 10 years. RIP the haters.

Bitcoin Cash Homepage

Not "official", because nothing is or could be official in Bitcoin Cash, but a good source of information on Bitcoin Cash.

BCH Development Upgrades development information

Keep an eye on what tech is being added to BCH, a currency that is constantly looking to improve itself without comprimising on being the world's best payment system.

General Crypto information

  • Check in on fee markets per crypto, BCH has cheap fees so it needs to generate massive volume (working on it!) to catch up to the bigger coins.

Bitcoin Cash Site


Adoption platform, blog and information source about Bitcoin Cash in the developing world.

A History Of Bitcoin

Roger Ver: A Short History of Bitcoin full of Intrigues, Censorship & The CIA?!

Roger Ver, prominent BCH advocate, is interviewed about the history of Bitcoin.