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The BCH community is large and decentralised (no one is in charge), and the community have produced a ton of educational resources about money, cryptocurrency, history and Bitcoin Cash.

For community projects, check out the roadmap.

All of the following creators and resources are highly recommended:

BCH Hangouts

Every two weeks on Twitter, Fiendish Crypto runs a community Bitcoin Cash chat / hangout session.

Listen to recent or archived episodes.

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Published on October 31st 2008, the Bitcoin whitepaper is the original explanation and design specification for the currency by (anonymous, and inactive since 2011) creator Satoshi Nakamoto. It is technical, but only 9 pages (including pictures!) and worth reading to understand Bitcoin directly from its progenitor.

Note that the original Bitcon community (starting in 2009) split into the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) communities on August 1st 2017. The original community could not agree on the direction of the project, and as there is no one in charge of Bitcoin who could decide the debate, the two groups split the original Bitcoin into two competing versions of Bitcoin (called "forks"). The Bitcoin Cash community was determined to maintain the original design and mission specified in the whitepaper - a peer-to-peer electronic cash system - while the Bitcoin BTC community decided instead to become "digital gold".

Who Killed Bitcoin?

A comprehensive documentary explaining the economics, history and underpinnings of Bitcoin (and Bitcoin Cash).

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

Bitcoin was created to provide an alternative to the US Federal Reserve banking system, which silently profits off the labour of the entire world's population. This is a great explanation of the system, and demonstrates the need for an independent currency.

10 Years of Bitcoin

Hayden Otto explains in a 1 hour talk the origins of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin etc.


TxStreet Blockchain Visualizer

Watch the BCH and BTC blockchain transactions live, seen as passengers boarding a bus. New transactions are passengers, a bus is a block of transactions which leaves when "found" and sent around to the network. BTC is frequently congested and inefficient, while BCH operates smoothly due to its increased capacity.

Bitcoin: The History Of A Revolution

Bitcoin: The History Of A Revolution

Stefan Molyneux and others discuss in detail the history of Bitcoin and the scaling debate.

Writings by Satoshi Nakamoto

The Complete Satoshi

The progenitor of cryptocurrency's emails, forum posts and other assorted ideas, including many very prophetic predictions and explanations of the .

Bitcoin Fork Stats - BCH, BTC, BSV, eCash

Check in on how the SHA256 coin war is progressing, and get a bunch of great stats about Bitcoin Cash and the rest.

Why Cryptocurrencies

Why Cryptocurrencies

What they are, what they do and why they matter. Check out the appearance by the author Jonas on the podcast.

A Letter From The Bitcoin (Cash) CEO

Letter from the CEO

Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party and early Bitcoiner, outlines a strategy for the Bitcoin Cash community to operate in a decentralised swarm-like manner. Note: Title is a joke. /r/btc

Reddit /r/btc

Chat to the BCH community. As the subreddit was started after /r/Bitcoin began banning all big block opposition, the refugees moved to /r/btc and so ended up squatting on their opposition's ticker symbol when Bitcoin Cash was later invented. A subject of much confusion and mirth to this very day. Also check out /r/Bitcoincash

A Quality Game Of Poker

A Quality Game Of Poker

Kim Dotcom talks to BTC Core supporters about Bitcoin, during the period he was trying to reconcile the two communities. Later he would convert fully to the BCH side after discovering just how fruitless it was trying to talk sense with the BTC side. Things became somewhat uncordial in response, as can be heard on Episode 12 of the podcast.

Bitcoin Cash can scale to the entire world

Terabyte blocks for Bitcoin Cash

A big blocks scaling strategy getting Bitcoin Cash to 10 billion people trading directly on the main chain has been known to be viable starting as early as 2017.

Why Bitcoin Cash

Why Bitcoin Cash

BCH vs BTC informational website by Kim Dotcom.

History of /r/Bitcoin subreddit

History of /r/Bitcoin

Detailed discussion of lead up to the BCH <-> BTC fork, and some of the community shenanigans and dishonest informational warfare that went on at the time.

Monetary Fundamentals

Jeffrey Tucker talks about cryptocurrency and sound money.

They Lie

Hayden Otto discovers some special sunglasses. Good watch for fans of 80s cult movies.

Corporate interference in Bitcoin

Rick Falkvinge discusses Blocksteam's influence in Bitcoin (BTC), which explains why Bitcoin Cash (BCH) split off to route around this issue.

Money as debt

There is no escape in a fiat currency system. Why everyone and every country is constantly drowning in debt, the money IS the debt.

Nakamoto Institute Mempool

Nakamoto Institute Mempool

Read up on some big picture Bitcoin theory.

Bitcoin Obituaries

Bitcoin Obituaries

Declared dead 350+ times for over 10 years. RIP the haters.

Bitcoin Cash Homepage

Not "official", because nothing is or could be official in Bitcoin Cash, but a good source of information on Bitcoin Cash.

BCH Development Upgrades development information

Keep an eye on what tech is being added to BCH, a currency that is constantly looking to improve itself without comprimising on being the world's best payment system.


The year 2018 in Bitcoin Cash

BCH history, around the time of BCH vs BSV fork.

Bitcoin Cash Site


Adoption platform, blog and information source about Bitcoin Cash in the developing world.

A History Of Bitcoin

Roger Ver: A Short History of Bitcoin full of Intrigues, Censorship & The CIA?!

Roger Ver, prominent BCH advocate, is interviewed about the history of Bitcoin.

BCH vs BSV - Part 2

BSV is a caricature of onchain scaling

BCH vs BTC vs BSV when it comes to scaling.

Resources List

A great compilation of BCH resources.