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What are good BCH wallets?


For an alternative comparison of wallets, see Best BCH wallets.

Wallet software is critical for a cryptocurrency, as it's the central interaction point for nearly all users with the network itself. High quality wallets are essential for spreading adoption & securing potentially life changing amounts of money. Redundancy & a variety of offerings is also critical for decentralisation.


Bitcoin Cash is very lucky to have such a strong selection of quality, diverse & BCH focussed wallets. This is one benefit of its culture of maximalism.

The Bitcoin Cash community provides & maintains a variety of wallets to suit the diverse needs of its users. Independent wallet developers have differing opinions & priorities regarding UX, features, security, speed of updates & more. A comparison chart of options is provided below, users should try several of the options that seem most appealing & discover for themselves which has the features or approach that best suits them. Many users have different wallets for different reasons - for instance a payments friendly mobile wallet for general spending & a high security desktop wallet for large savings.


It is not recommended to store large (or ideally, any) amount of money in custodial &/or closed-source wallets. There is limited public oversight & transparency into the management of those projects. These wallets expose the users to the risk of sudden & immediate seizure of their entire stack without warning. Approach such options with caution.

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