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Is BCH just BTC with larger blocks? What else is different?

No, BCH & BTC - although they share a common ancestry from 31st October 2008 to August 1st 2017 - now differ on a wide variety of technical, economic, cultural & philosophical issues.

Larger blocksize was the precipitating factor that caused The Blocksize War, but even at that time the division was far more significant than the value of a single number in the Bitcoin codebase. The reasons the conflict was so intense was due to the widereaching implications & problems stemming from a small-block approach (at least in the eyes of the big-block - later BCH - community).

The misconception that BCH is simply BTC with larger blocks is a common piece of propaganda by the specific vendetta that many BTC advocates still hold for BCH advocates, along with naive repetition from observers not informed on the history & differences.

In the years since 2017, the BCH & BTC projects have continued to diverge at an ever-accelerating rate - technically, economically, culturally & philosophically. This process will only continue over time.


Among other things, BCH & BTC now differ on:


It's actually more rare to find things BCH & BTC share these days than things they don't. Areas of overlap include:

  • Origins & distribution: The founding history & blockchain transaction history / coin distribution up until August 1st 2017.
  • Bitcoin mining: The SHA256 mining algorith & thus ASICS & mining industry, although subject to the specifics of hashrate.
  • Branding: The branding & Bitcoin name, although this is often a charged issue due to dispute about the real Bitcoin.
  • Quantum Computing: Bitcoin's potential vulnerability to quantum computing. Note that this puts the BCH & BTC community on the same side with regards to finding a solution to this specific issue.

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