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How will Bitcoin Cash onboard the entire world? What progress has been made?

Once the mission to become global reserve currency is clear, a natural follow up question is how that is being achieved.

The Bitcoin Cash Podcast


This is merely one adoption effort within the decentralised ecosystem (explained further below).

The Bitcoin Cash Podcast has 2 primary adoption strategies.

  1. Content creation: The Bitcoin Cash Podcast produces podcast episodes, music, social media content and informational resources such as this website plus guest media appearances to attract attention to Bitcoin Cash & increase education & information flow among adopters. Traction is growing, as can be seen in the statistics.
  2. Selene Wallet: Knowing about Bitcoin Cash is not enough. The Podcast contributes to development of Selene Wallet, which is onboarding 10 million daily active users into the Bitcoin Cash economy through the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable Bitcoin Cash wallet. Available on Android, iOS & .apk, Try it out today at! Latest updates & active users are announced on episodes of the Podcast.

Decentralised community

The Bitcoin Cash community is decentralised, which means there is no one single plan, method, or organisation coordinating its spreading adoption. Instead, every Bitcoin Cash adopter is free to use and spread the influence of Bitcoin Cash to any extent & in any manner they choose. This is part of the philosophy of Bitcoin, societal organisation without compulsion. For the same reason, BCH has no roadmap. This swarm methodology offers no central point of attack & allows adoption to flexibly adapt to the local conditions & resources of each user. It also has zero organisational overhead, Bitcoin Cash adopters do not need to approve or even be aware of each other to simultaneously contribute to its success.

However, decentralised does not mean disorganised. Dedicated members of the Bitcoin Cash community have clear methods & objectives. Ecosystem participants co-operate as necessary on a peer-to-peer basis to progress their own plans & the overall adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

To find out what other Bitcoin Cash adopters are working on, see the Recommended page. To look into metrics for adoption, see Stats.

Almost every episode of the Podcast features Bitcoin Cash builders explaining their work in the community. Listen to some episodes & investigate further any projects or guests that catch your attention.

Your contribution

Bitcoin Cash is a grassroots, organic movement of individuals, and we need all the help we can get! If you would like to get involved, see How can I help/contribute to Bitcoin Cash?.

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