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Is Bitcoin Cash spreading?


Unlike nearly every other cryptocurrency, the BCH community is laser focussed on spreading real adoption as a working, parallel, cash economy. This is a very tough task, as getting out into the real world, connecting with real people, demonstrating real utility/community and creating new opportunities to earn and spend BCH is far more challenging than sitting at home in front of a computer making hyperbolic claims to be "next generation technology!" and trying to create social media hype for the newest coin that will be gone in 1 year in the hope that a lot of frenzied speculators will buy in on an exchange hoping to get rich too (how many other cryptocurrencies operate).

This is doubly true for BCH, as unlike many other top coins, it does not have large fiat-money VC investors trying to pump the price or market it, it is genuinely decentralised and all marketing / advocacy comes directly from the community.

Despite these challenges, the community is making substantial headway. Several locations in the world are developing a parallel BCH economy.

St Kitts & Nevis

... and surrounding Carribean islands.

Townsville, Australia ("The Bitcoin Cash City")

See a whole channel of accepting merchants at the Bitcoin Cash City Youtube:

Note that these adoption efforts have been accomplished as a grassroots, non-mandated, voluntary ecosystem in the true spirit of cryptocurrency. As a result, they have been progressing very well, even with limited resources. Regardless, they have achieved far less media attention than the experiment of Bitcoin BTC in El Salvador, which has involved government mandates, confusion, poor user education and a lot of misinformation.

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