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Last updated: 8th August 2021#

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The price of Bitcoin Cash (and almost every cryptocurrency) is incredibly volatile due to relatively low adoption, and fluctuates wildly based on a number of unpredictable factors and general hype-based sentiment. This does not give a very good indicator of real growth of the Bitcoin Cash economy, and therefore other metrics are helpful in monitoring the growth and progress of the currency.

Comparisions to BTC are often more useful than USD, as both coins are similarly affected by fluctuations in the crypto market and their on-chain blockchain metrics are directly equivalent.

Transactions & Sent In USD#

Every episode of the podcast starts with some analysis of these simple but generally effective markers of progress:

Daily transactions

Daily transactions

Sent in USD

Sent in USD

The Bitcoin Cash podcast#

As a source of information on Bitcoin Cash, it should be expected that increased growth in the global interest of Bitcoin Cash would be reflected in the growth metrics of this podcast. Small sample size so far, but should be interesting moving forward.

Audio downloads#

Note that the current month will usually show a big drop off since it is currently in progress.

RSS stats

Youtube stats#

Lifetime channel stats.

Youtube stats

Panmoni Adoption#

The Panmoni team in South America provide updates on their progress with their stats page.

Panmoni stats