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Last updated: Monday, 23rd December 2021#

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The price of Bitcoin Cash (and almost every cryptocurrency) is incredibly volatile due to relatively low adoption, and fluctuates wildly based on a number of unpredictable factors and general hype-based sentiment. This does not give a very good indicator of real growth of the Bitcoin Cash economy, and therefore other metrics are helpful in monitoring the growth and progress of the currency.

The Bitcoin Cash Podcast#

As a source of information on Bitcoin Cash, it should be expected that increased growth in the global interest of Bitcoin Cash would be reflected in the growth metrics of this podcast. Small sample size so far, but should be interesting moving forward.

Social media reach#

Platform23rd Jan 202123rd Sep 202116 Nov 20213rd Dec 202123rd Dec 2021
Youtube (subscribers)0626692711736
Youtube - Clips (subscribers)0200299312319
Twitter (followers)0566740862947 (subscribers)01039121812321249 (subscribers)064848792
Telegram - Announcements (subscribers)010212525
Telegram - Discussion (subscribers)010001
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Odysee (subscribers)00002

Audio downloads#

Note that the current month will usually show a big drop off since it is currently in progress.

RSS stats

Website page hits#

For this website! Started tracking October 2021 with Google analytics.

Google Analytics stats

Other companies#

A couple of companies provide very useful insights into BCH usage and growth. Hopefully more and more crypto and especially BCH companies will begin to publish internal metrics to increase transparency and confidence in the scene.

Bitpay stats page - A cryptocurrency payment processor that gives some indication of retail usage at point of sale. Bitcoin Cash (~10%) is often the 2nd most used cryptocurrency after BTC (~60%), once again outperforming the price differential. Note that Bitpay's total payment volume is relatively flat, so a change in coin distribution might indicate regular users changing their preferences. Note also that due to heavy Know Your Customer regulations, and growth in the Bitcoin Cash scene is likely happening directly on chain. stats page - A Vietnamese exchange that shows which coins are gaining a foothold in the international remittances market. BCH is doing quite well, at times having outperformed BTC, although in recent months Litecoin (LTC) has moved up to take the #1 spot, and Tether also accounts for a good chunk of the pie (note that Tether-SLP is on the BCH network!)

Panmoni stats page - tracking BCH specific user adoption by the Panmoni team in South America.

Smart BCH#

For insights on growth of SmartBCH, take a look at these stats sources:


Fountainhead Grafana

Transactions & Sent In USD#

Every episode of the podcast starts with some analysis of these simple but generally effective markers of progress:

Daily transactions

Sent in USD

Comparisions to BTC are often more useful than USD, as both coins are similarly affected by fluctuations in the crypto market and their on-chain blockchain metrics are directly equivalent (this is not true in the case of some other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum).

Note that despite a price ratio of about 1 BTC to 80 - 100 BCH, BCH is already doing between 25 - 50% of the daily transactions of BTC, and settling usually about 10% of the USD value / day. This shows that despite the brand and price disadvantage, it is punching well above its weight class. Note also that BTC transaction volume has been flat at a maximum of 400k for the last 4 years, so BCH is slowly closing the gap.