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Bitcoin Cash is a social movement, but it's also a technical project. The code that runs Bitcoin Cash nodes and miners is all open source, as are many BCH wallets and community tools, which means the full program is available for free for anyone to review, download, copy or submit updates.

Because the code is available to everyone, it is:

  • Freely available
  • Auditable for security issues
  • Open to innovation by anyone, either as a submitted update or by starting a spin-off and making modifications

This Website

For the same reasons, the entire source code for this website is available to the entire world. Anyone can submit an update, or create their own copy and modify it as they please.

Source Code

Contributions (pull requests and suggestions) are always welcome from the community!

Other BCH Development Resources

A lot of good BCH background material can be found at:

For building JavaScript applications


Block explorers and other metric tracking sites can be found on the Stats page.

Full-node dev teams can be found at:

For contributing to community projects and information sources:

BCH Developer Community

To get involved more in Bitcoin Cash development in general, check out:

And there is good Telegram groups at:

BCH always needs more engineers, and there's lots of opportunities available in the scene with everything from wallet dev, dApps, nodes, mining, supporting services and more.