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Bitcoin whitepaper

In October 2008, in the depths of the global financial crisis, the world changed forever when Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper, a technical specification for a free-market online currency not operated by a government, central bank, corporation or individual. A couple of months later, in January 2009, Satoshi released working source code of his idea to allow anyone in the world to join the network and Bitcoin was born. This was an incomparable gift that humanity is still struggling to comprehend.


Jeremy (host of The Bitcoin Cash Podcast) in 2021, filming the video clip for his first Bitcoin Cash song.

In July 2013, Jeremy heard about Bitcoin from a friend (price, roughly ~US$100 / Bitcoin), read the white paper, and immediately became convinced it would become the global reserve currency. Despite explaining this fanatically to anyone within earshot for several years, he was largely ridiculed or ignored.

In August 2017, after several years of community debate and turmoil known as "The Blocksize War", the "original" Bitcoin split into Bitcoin "Core" (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Jeremy immediately sold all of his BTC for BCH, as the latter was clearly the world changing project described by Satoshi, but then became distracted with personal issues and disillusioned with internal squabbling in the BCH community.

In November 2020, Jeremy noticed the BCH community had successfully fought off several internal takeover attempts from groups that would become the separate cryptocurrencies "Bitcoin SV" (BSV) and "eCash" (XEC). Once again, Bitcoin Cash had proven its uncontrollable nature and unstoppable path to becoming the global reserve currency.

Shortly after, in January 2021, Jeremy started The Bitcoin Cash Podcast.

Bitcoin Cash is the "real" Bitcoin that Jeremy fell in love with so long ago. It is the world's most sound form of money (adhering to the necessary tenets of money: scarcity, durability, fungibility, portability, divisibility and recognisability). It is also the world's most efficient payment network (no other cryptocurrency can offer as cheap transactions at global scale). No one owns or controls it (it is decentralised), and everyone is equally free to participate in it.

These factors make it inevitable that the entire world will voluntarily adopt Bitcoin Cash as their chosen money. Due to the power of exponential growth and network effects, Jeremy expects this process to be completed by 2045 or earlier.

The Bitcoin Cash Podcast is a project by Jeremy, with four aims:

  • To accelerate adoption by explaining how and why Bitcoin Cash will become the world's money
  • To make news updates on the project accessible to all adopters (not everyone has time to follow it religiously)
  • To serve as a historical record of a once-in-a-millenia event (global adoption of a new money)
  • To make this historic social revolution an interesting and entertaining one to partake in

Starting out as a podcast, it has since evolved to encapsulate Selene Wallet, music production and this informational website.

Besides his obsession with Bitcoin Cash, Jeremy likes electric guitar, the beach and trash talk.

After joining the show on Episode 2 and Episode 4 as the first ever guest via a chance connection on /r/btc, Jett returned to the show on Episode 25 & started producing the show from Episode 26 onwards.