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Not everyone has 20 hours to listen to a podcast in detail, but most people can handle a 3 minute song. To reach the billions of people necessary with the ideas of Bitcoin Cash, I have started creating songs explaining the project.

Music can be a good adoption strategy as it is:

  • Succint
  • Entertaining
  • Accessible
  • Easy to distribute
  • High proof of passion (hard to ignore)
  • Inspiring (uplifting in low momentum or motivation moments)



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Based on the original chord progression, song structure and hook of the 2015 hit Loyal by Chris Brown.

My favourite genres are rock and rap, and this track combines the inherent aggression of each. Maybe offputting to some, but can't please everyone.

Every good cultural movement needs a protest song, so this was my attempt for BCH.


It’s DeFi babyWe’re coming for you banks
I wasn’t born last nightI know that money ain’t rightBut I was coding up the future last nightAnd you were busy hating with your stupid friends onlineThat the Federal ReserveStealing pay checks straight outta your purseToday they got a dollarTomorrow got nineYour savings are in dollarsAnd your value in declineGoogle itKnowing Federal ReservePrinter going brrrrrrrrrrBut it seems that you ain’t heardNervous?Cash in the bankNow where you think it goes?You stupid little fuckYou trust the government shows?
While the rich banks rob yaRobbin’ you blind manFuture dollars can’t buy nothing for yaYou’ve heard of inflation, right?Banks fucked you royalHad fun at the bank recently?So why you loyal?Real talk
Time to crypto switchCrypto switchThat’s BCH bitchBCH bitchDollars keep the bankers richBankers richIt’s on you to choose whichYupGet a phone walletBuy a few bitsGo out and pay for shit with itThings change, think of marijuanaSmokeGameStop stock, same as that brahOnline, buy drugsBuy drugsNo guns, no thugsNo no thugsYou living in a money trapGet yourself a crypto appWallet
While the rich banks rob yaRob you babeFuture dollars can’t buy nothing for yaNothing ooohBanks fucked you royalOooooh noSo why you loyal?Yeah yeah
Young girl with her student debtFuckNothing paid yetGet into it, by the wayBankers up in this Wharf printing more dollarsI know girlThat you’re not an expert in financeThat’s a no-no girlEndless money from thin airYou never stood a chanceNo chanceJoin the crypto switchJust switchThat’s BCH bitchSup bitchDollars keep the bankers richSo richIt’s on you to choose whichYup
While the rich banks rob yaRob you babeFuture dollars can’t buy nothing for yaNo nothing, ooooohBanks fucked you royalState sponsored criminal enterpriseSo why you loyal?Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Fraud got biggerCrypto got slickerBanks got sickerBail outs got biggerYou staying poor while banks are getting richerSystem is riggedStarting to get the picture?Me and LD here to trade with yaPeer-to-peer crypto can save yaOkLet’s talk about these coins that I’m carryingBitcoin Cash like I’m a fucking finance heretic,Shout out Roger VerCold wallets unspentEarn crypto, price checkShit you know you got regretFees so high no one trades with itMiss me with that orange BitcoinShit
This ain’t a rap for the blind, deaf, dumbIt’s a plea to my mumThere’s a reason the world’s forever in debtTake your savings and runOpen your ears, please don’t stay numbCrypto’s easy and funBanks leech your savings every single day’Til the value is none
While rich banks rob yaEarning dollars ain’t got no future for yaBanks fucked you royalGo get disloyalWhile rich banks rob yaSaving dollars ain’t got no future for yaBanks fucked you royalGo get D1$L0YAL
Satoshi Nakamoto gave humanity a miraculous giftA chance to be free of the banking system, foreverNow’s our shotLet’s take itShout out to Marc de MeselSatoshi’s AngelsFull node devsbitcoincashpodcast.comYeah fuck the banks manBCH GangPeace