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What about Roger Ver's book Hijacking Bitcoin?

Hijacking Bitcoin

Best selling Amazon Bitcoin book Hijacking Bitcoin by Roger Ver with Steve Patterson.

"Hijacking Bitcoin" is a book by "Bitcoin Jesus" & billionaire crypto investor Roger Ver, co-authored by academic & long time Bitcoiner Steve Patterson.

It begins with an explanation of the basic economic design & principles of Bitcoin laid out by its founder Satoshi Nakamoto. These foundations are followed by a thorough exposé of the ways the "small blockers" hijacked Bitcoin to steal the "Bitcoin" brand, BTC exchange ticker, code repository & public attention in The Blocksize War using censorship, propaganda, DDoS cyber attacks & more. The creation & subsequent trials of "big block" Bitcon Cash and turmoil during 2018 - 2020 around Bitcoin SV (BSV) & eCash (XEC) are explained plus some final thoughts on where the cryptocurrency industry stands as of 2024.

Interestingly, very little of the book touches upon the author's personal experiences or opinions.

Upon its release, Hijacking Bitcoin generated titanic public interest. Given the context of enormous propaganda & Roger's central involvement in the related events, reading this book was the first time many people (including long time cryptocurrency advocates) heard the story of The Blocksize War from the censorship-suppressed side. Until Hijacking Bitcoin, public perception of Bitcoin's controversial history (and Roger Ver himself) had been largely set by Jonathan Bier's "The Blocksize War" - written from the side of the victorious "small blockers". This was a shock to the industry & thoroughly vindicating for Roger Ver & the Bitcoin Cash community. As an article from cryptocurrency news site Blockworks proclaimed - "Roger Ver was right about Bitcoin".

Blockworks article reviewing Hijacking Bitcoin

A small extract of this article truly shows how impactful the book was on its reviewer:

With all of that in mind — and despite the fact that Ver sent me about $10 in Bitcoin Cash after an interview (hence the Bitcoin Jesus name) — I set out to read his new book, Hijacking Bitcoin, with the hunch that this would be my first book review pan.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, after finishing Hijacking Bitcoin, my opinion now stands that Bitcoin truly was hijacked, and Ver really was the subject of what has now been an almost decade-long smear campaign.

But even if you remove every bit of conjecture that Ver includes in his history of Bitcoin’s early development, it remains a damning indictment of the turmoil and nastiness that plagued the community after Satoshi Nakamoto took his permanent step back.

The book is highly recommended. A copy can be purchased at

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