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What's with the green sunglasses?

BCH sunglasses

Everyone looks cool in shades.

Observers on social media may notice BCH users have a trend of adorning their profile picture with green tinted sunglasses.

In late 2020, during the BTC price rally from $9 000 to around $69 000, the Bitcoin BTC community developed a social signalling meme trend of attaching "laser eyes" to their profile pictures (particularly on Twitter) with the hashtag #LaserRayTo100k. The idea was to build hype, socially signal to other BTC supporters in comment threads and collectively not remove the laser eyes until the BTC price had reached $100 000. The hype cycle finished at $69k, and over the next several years most of the laser eyes profile pictures gave up and were removed in ashamed failure, but it's still a somewhat common thing to see and has come to represent hardcore BTC supporters (aka "toxic maximalists") as a concept.

BTC laser eyes

It looks about as scary and cultish as it is.

In 2022, the Bitcoin Cash community began to organically develop a counter-meme of having green-tinted sunglasses on their profile pictures. Symbolically, the sunglasses indicate immunity to the irrationality and nonsense of the laser-eyed BTC community. This is an ongoing part of the contention over the real Bitcoin and culture war between BTC & BCH following the original civil war.

In addition, sunglassess are perenially cool & stylish, everyone looks good in them. The need for sunglasses hints at the bright future of BCH. There's also a sense of preserving privacy, which is something the Bitcoin Cash community takes seriously.

If you're active on social media, maybe join in yourself! You can try to spot other green sunglasses accounts to follow, or update your own profile picture with a green shades picture!