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What's with the hotdogs?

Satoshi hotdog

Are you hungry? Might be time for a hotdog.

The Bitcoin Cash community has an ongoing in-joke associating Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with images of or references to hotdogs or deliberately conflating/mislabelling/misunderstanding BCH as an acronym for "Big Costco Hotdog" instead of "Bitcoin Cash".


Hotdog telegram

Hotdogs are getting expensive these days.

The joke started organically on the Bitcoin Cash telegram group for discussing BCH price movements. A long period of relative BCH price-stability began comparisons to the famously $1.50 fixed price hotdogs at Costco which have not changed in price (despite inflation) since 1985. You can join the fun here.

Hotdog price freeze

Fact check: true. Source

Hotdog Start

Original hotdog conversation started like this. Source


Hotdog up only

Hug your hotdogs to let them know they are valued.

The hotdog is quite an appropriate item for this kind of joke because:

  • Hotdogs are well-known globally as a casual consumer purchase, the kind of thing that will commonly be bought with Bitcoin Cash once BCH is at global reserve currency.
  • Hotdogs are somewhat phallic and associated with circuses and sports matches which lends them quite a comedic & fun vibe.
  • Costco famously has a price freeze on their hotdogs at exactly $1.50 - which has not changed since 1985 - even in the face of rampant inflation & other product cost increase (emphasizing the whole point of limited supply, inflation resistant Bitcoin Cash). It is also ironic/humorous to contrast a "fixed price" hotdog with the enormous volatility of Bitcoin Cash.