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Doesn't Bitcoin scale in layers?

Scales in Layers Twitter conversation

Refusing to scale L1 is cutting off Bitcoin's nose to spite its face. Source

Yes, Bitcoin scales in layers, but it scales at every layer simultaneously. Arbitrarily restricting one layer to promote other layers is nonsensical engineering & results from political capture & censorship rather than free exchange of ideas & prudent capacity planning.

The BCH community has no objection to Layer 2s, in fact it is very excited for them, it simply recognizes that Layer 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive. Both need to be innovated & encouraged. The best environment for Layer 2s to thrive is one where Layer 1 access is cheap & reliable.

Many Bitcoin Core (BTC) adopters have the misconception that Bitcoin "scales in layers" - meaning a requirement to restrict "Layer 1" scaling such as blocksize increases. They believe that Lightning Network or other "Layer 2" solutions will allow Bitcoin to reach global adoption despite BTC's restricted blocksize.

Most commonly, this idea of "scales in layers" is accompanied by an analogy to the Internet itself as proof that such a scaling model is desirable. This is a complete misnomer - the Internet scaled at the "base layer" (physical hardware) by switching from copper wires to fibre optic cables. In future, as better cable technology and/or new hardware improves wireless bandwith, it will once again upgrade to that. The Internet takes full advantage of improvements in computing infrastructure and to suggest otherwise would be ridiculous.

Bitcoin is no different. Its scaling properties are so fantastic because it benefits from the synergy between improvements in physical hardware capability as well as innovative software development & efficiency.

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