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What is Flipstarter and why is it exciting?

Flipstarter is a decentralised, crowdfunding tool for the Bitcoin Cash community. It's like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or GoFundMe - except without an operating company to charge fees and interfere with campaigns they don't like.

  • Anyone can create a campaign (for almost no cost).
  • Anyone can contribute to a campaign (from anywhere in the world, at essentially zero cost and with no sign up or registrations).
  • No-one can censor or take down campaigns they disagree with.
  • No-one can interfere with the transfer of funds (such as when Go Fund Me seized the funds of protesting truckers in Canada).
  • There are no minimum limits for funding goals or contributions.
  • There is no operating company taking a management fee.

Contributing to Flipstarters

Guide by Bitcoin Jason.

Advice for running a campaign

You'd like to raise money on Flipstarter? That's great news! However, you're going to need a compelling pitch in order to convince people to support your project and send you Bitcoin Cash.

  • Contribute to the community first: The BCH community is very willing to fund important or necessary ideas, but very skeptical of people who have just shown up on the scene. Time and again, new people making a splashy entrance have fallen through on their committments once the initial excitement of the project has waned - often failing to complete the tasks they were paid to supposedly accomplish. As a result, funders are now very wary of brand new individuals to the scene. Before even considering a Flipstarter, build up some reputation and presence in the community. See How can I contribute to Bitcoin Cash. In the process of joining the movement, you will increase your credibility as a funding recipient while also learning the community's priorities and attitudes.
  • Monetise your idea separately: While it's possible to do something with ONLY Flipstarter money, the best idea is to combine it with other business strategies. For instance, if you would like to start a business selling Bitcoin Cash related T-shirts, set up that store and establish a flow of paying customers to prove your designs are compelling and then run a Flipstarter to expand your product line. Funders will be much more impressed if you already have paying customers that prove your product is viable and in demand.
  • Start small: Once you have some reputation going, start the ball rolling with a very modest target on your first Flipstarter. There are no funding minimums for BCH, and the less you request the less risky it is for contributors. Once your initial project succeeds and impresses your donators, you can move onto bigger projects. Start small & prove your reliability before dreaming too big.

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