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What can I do with $1 of BCH?

New users to BCH are often gifted $1 (or some small amount) by an existing user, or acquire a small amount to test it by some other method. As BCH is very micro-transaction friendly, there are a number of things that can be done with this.

Some ideas:

  • Donate to a good cause: Feed children in Venezuela and South Sudan by donating to BCH charity EatBCH. Supporters of free journalism might also like to donate to WikiLeaks.
  • Reward someone for good content: BCH has a version of Twitter called and a blogging platform called On both sites, it's easy to reward cool creators by directly sending them a small (or large) amount of BCH. On Noise, click the $x.xx below a post and select QR code to send a tip, and on see the donations widget at the bottom of each article where the author's bio is.
  • Play some classic arcade games: Drop a few cents in BCH into traditional arcade games at, and win even more back if you dominate the leaderboard!
  • Play with cats: A BCH supporter has a livestream at that lets viewers tip $0.50 in BCH to drop food and ring a bell for their pet cats, which can be played with via a remotely controlled robot arm.
  • Gamble: Play one of the earliest Bitcoin apps ever, the famous Satoshi Dice. Choose a risk/reward ratio, send in some coins, and get paid back instantly on a win. The site is "provably fair", which means they generate the wins and losses beforehand in the right ratio and then publish a cryptographic proof of those committments plus the matching transactions at the end of the day - so users know they are not being cheated.
  • Share it with a friend: Now you're part of the BCH community, spread the love! Find a friend that is curious about cryptocurrency, and send them a small amount so they can see how it works too! Particularly effective to try with someone you might have occassion to trade cryptocurrency with more regularly, e.g. a friend you regularly go out for drinks with.

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