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Proof Of Work

A collection of proof-of-work done by The Bitcoin Cash Podcast in the BCH community. Useful as reference history for anyone considering contributing to a BCH Podcast Flipstarter.


4x Flipstarters for Episodes 76 to 115 were delivered as promised.

Additional BCH media


Other BCH projects

These projects have their own funding methods &/or Flipstarters, with their own separate compensation, plus of course their own contributors & team but they are mentioned to underscore how much time & effort from The BCH Podcast goes into BCH projects.



  • Part of the organising & promotional team for BCH BLISS. Jessica NFT creator.

A Fifth Of Gaming

Shadow Wizards

  • Started the Shadow Wizards Twitter account to track BCH DeFi upgrades & maybe begin a BCH technical/cultural upgrade path for people enjoying the infamous BTC Taproot Wizards. A Shadow Wizards stream was also done although getting it published is still on the TODO list, more possible on this front after that.