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A collection of some of my favourite memes.

Much discussion & debate (particularly with misinformed BTC adopters) across various online platforms tends to retread the same patterns of discussion over & over again. These memes are a simple, concise, engaging, funny & decisive way to refute these tired arguments or point out opponent's hypocrisy, poor debating or misunderstanding in a way that is likely to connect with & convince observers.

You can search a keyword on the page to see if it matches any descriptions.

Apply liberally!

General purpose


2013 vs 2023 Bitcoin. Narrative shift & split simply explained.


Pay me in Bitcoin. Done. Says it all right there.

Doge chess

Doge plays chess, just like BCH Twitter playing BTC Twitter.


I don't want to fix broken BTC or fix the problem, I want to hate bcashers. Can't save someone determined not to find a solution like this book burning guy.

self inflicted

The self inflicted wound of putting a stick in your own bike. Classic BTC.


Store of Value is a total lie.


Bitcoin Morpheus offers a choice of the orange pill BTC or green pill BCH.


Leonardo di Caprio spots a bcasher. Useful for BTC people expressing exact BCH sentiment.

Chose salty

All these flavours and you chose to be salty. Not BCH specific, but a useful classic.

Blockstream bankers

Blockstream is a banker funded operation.

All caps emphasis


USE BCH. Attention grabber in comment sections.


BCH PLS. Attention grabber in comment sections.

BCash is dead

Angry NPC

Angry NPC tries to claim bcash is dead for the millionth time in a row.


Bcash btrash BCH is dead, mum they're telling us again.

bch is dead

BCH bcash is dead alternative.

Specific individuals

Meme worthy individuals that have dug their own grave.

Adam Back


Adam Back - Frustrated year after year that gaslighting the BCH community never works.

Eric Wall


Eric Wall - smarter than all the laser eye stupid people he used to be in agreement with.

John Carvalho


John Carvalho - how the turn tables, powerless to fix Bitcoin or his own cognitive dissonance.

Paul Sztorc


Paul Sztorc - great guy, but unfortunately can't see that the network effect of BTC he values so highly is the network effect preventing any progress.